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The Metz Solar Farm Community Information Event held in Armidale


                     Presented by Project Manager from Clenergy–Charlie Cao                                        Presented by Dave Widders on behalf of the aboriginal elders

On 28/11/2018, the Metz Solar Farm Community Information Event, co-sponsored by JNC, took place at Armidale City Bowling Club. The highlight of this event is providing the local community a better understanding on the project’s benefits and current project progress. The extended Q&A section has shown a great interest and enthusiasm from local council, supplier, consultant company and individual attendees.

Clenergy understands the importance of engaging the local community and see it as one of the key point for successful development and construction of Metz solar farm. We will keep the local community informed about the project status and engage them as much as possible. Clenergy recognises that the region of New England, NSW is a hot spot for renewable energy and would continue to work with local residents to build a bright and clean future.